Advantages of our blocks


Promonta the ideal solution for your gypsum blocks...

Today, the concept of partitioning must meet the new requirements...

ecological, creative, implementing, and economical requirements.



For nearly 50 years, Promonta works for the evolution of partitioning and offers you today a smart and modern product made in a healthy and traditional material. THE PARTITIONING IN PLASTER BLOCKS MEETS ALL ASSETS.


Economical : The partitioning with plaster blocks is undoubtedly the most economical system to create spaces. Its easy and fast implementing and perfectly finished aspect requires no additional plaster layer, saving time and materials.

Creativity : the flexibility of partitioning with plaster blocks gives free rein to your creativity. Height, thickness, plan modifications , adaptation to new uses of the space , decoration, ... you have the choice . In addition, due to the high resistance of our walls, fixing heavy objects can be performed without special reinforcements.

Performance: The partitioning with plaster blocks has a lot of assets. It is first of all an excellent acoustic insulation. Its fire resistance is unsurpassed (already 3h for 7cm thick wall). Its solidity has already been proven for centuries.

Ecological: The plaster is a healthy and traditional material used since antiquity. Partition-walls made out of blocks of plaster are dry and, unlike other materials they provide no additional moisture in the building what guarantees great comfort of living.





Advantages Description
SOLIDITY  Massive blocks forming non-load-bearing partition wall
FLEXIBILITY  All kind of modifications possible until the last minute
RAPIDITY Execution deadlines unbeatable thanks to the large size of each element
ECONOMICAL incomparable gain of time and lower side costs
MULTI-FUNCTION Different densities of blocks are available according to acoustic requirements
TRADITION  Results comparable to a brick wall
FINISHED ASPECT Ready to receive painter's work without additional layer
ANTI-FIRE  minimum 3h fire resistance - EUROCLASSE A1
DURABILITY 100% recyclable