Nobility ( a noble origin)

"According to the dictionary, plaster is a material that is obtained by firing gypsum at a moderate temperature (around 150°) and then grinding it. Mixed with water, the plaster hardens and becomes a solid yet pliable mass."

Plaster has been known since antiquity, and was used in the construction of the Pyramid of Cheops. The Roman legions introduced its fabrication and use into Gaul. The monks of Cluny and Citeaux promoted the use of plaster in the 13th century for joints, walls, cladding and ornamental frames. Over the subsequent centuries, its use was extended to ceilings, external plastering and sculpture. Only in the last few decades have innovations been introduced in the fabrication method


It is only recently that we have made ​​some innovations in its manufacturing. By methods of prefabrication, in addition to its traditional use, plaster came into industrial use. That is the way how Pomonta walls have become a synthesis of old building traditions and techniques of avant-garde. This is the reason for their effectiveness.


  ( Gypsum sculpture  )