Double acoustic walls

Double acoustic partition wall is a real alternative to replace conventional and very expensive non-bearing walls.


Very thorough studies and scientific testing at the CSTC Limelette leaded to the composition of double walls meeting the most severe acoustic requirements.

That system generally consists in two thick walls made out of plaster blocks of different densities, a sound insulation combined with acoustic strips and its junctions finished with Elasto WP 15.


This solution is less expensive, easy to implement and extremely flexible in terms of both planning and phasing.

Depending on the desired result, it is possible to have several kinds of acoustic walls. We have test reports on double walls up to 61 dB, 63 dB or even 66 dB of sound attenuation.


The walls are self-supporting and are designed to be completely detached from the entire building structure.


According to different acoustic requirements, we advise you to contact our technical department who will help you with finding the right solution for your project.


We have a range of reports on the tests we realized in approved centers, such as the CSTC or KUL that allow us to certify the value of the results that we present for our walls. These reports are available on request.









- Detail double acoustic wall 61 dB

- Detail double acoustic wall 63 dB

- Detail double acoustic wall 66 dB